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Studying your musical instrument  with
Mindful Practice Classes

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New classes start in oktober.

Based on MBSR and MBCL these introductory classes give you the best outset for optimal practice sessions with your instrument.

Amongst the most populair courses musicians take are the MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), the MBCL (Mindfulness Bases Compassionate Living), MyMind (mindfulness for kids) and Mindful2Work (mindfulness at the workplace).

Peter Prommel:


Supervisie en E-coaching LVSC-reg. nr. 14444

Mindfulness Trainer MBSR / iMBCT VMBN Categorie 1 Registratienr. 20201490

Mindfulness: Taking it further, and Mindfulness for Life, Univerity of Oxford, trainer:

Compassie Trainer MBCL

Quality Practice / Achtsam üben, trainer

M2W (Mindful to Work) trainer

MYmind trainer

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